4th of July!

Boy oh boy did I have fun.

My original plans were to stay with family all day. Which was fine b/c my life has been boring since I started this second job.

However, it started of terrible. I was getting a cup of water for the grill when the sink splashed water all over my 2-week-old iPhone.

Can you say pissed?

Anyways, the day goes on and my friend invites me to go shopping. I agree b/c there was’t really anything else to do.

Unfortunately everyone was ready too late, so it was going to be a waste of time to travel so far to shop for 30 minutes.

We then decided we’d go to one of the friends’ place to watch movies, after getting cake.

So we went to another friends BBQ. There we ate food, got cake, and watched fireworks. Now my family doesn’t do them so it was super fun.

However, there was a little guy, 8yo, who was doing them with the adults. (Probably not a good idea). He accidently turned them sideways and lit them, they flew everywhere! Literally almost killing the whole family. They were up in trees, on the porch, and on the grass. Little dude caught the grass on fire and all! Smh.

But it was fun. We left and went to watch movies. We all fell asleep during so we just happened to stay the night.

The next morning my friend cooked breakfast for us. And we chilled and talked. He cooked lunch. We all chilled and talked some more.

And that evening we decided to go shopping. We got there late but it was enough time for us.

Afterwards, we went to iHop! It was delicious. Plus it was my 1st time going b/c we don’t have one where I live.

Then we went to Hustler, the sex shop. Agh. It was amazing. I saw things I didn’t even know existed. Smh. It was a fun experience.

We left and went back to watch movies. Again, we fell asleep and had another co-ed sleepover.

The following morning, he made breakfast again. It was yum. And we laid around the house watching American Horror Story! This is my absolute favorite show (on air- b/c my top would be Nip/Tuck) and it was fun to share this with friends.

One particular friend really got into it so we talked about it the entire time.

Next, he made lunch again. It was yum. We ate and we left.

Visited other friends at their placed and all went to get ready for another shopping day.

We shopped more and found more things.

And spent a lot of time talking and joking together, then we decided to go have lunch.

We went to Chipotle, my fav! And it was yummy-yum. We sat and talked for a couple hours and went our separate ways.

That was the super fast -not detailed at all- version of my weekend.

All the greatness was soon ruined after getting home.

Then, the morning was even more terrible b/c I found out my neither my boyfriend or best friend would make it to my birthday party next week.

So check out, “To Break Up or Not To Break Up” coming very soon. Like today.

However, I did get to blog about Prop 8 on blogsbyrisseshea.tumblr.com) so check that out.


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