Two Sisters & A Cousin.




The Basics:

This is me the night my sisters, cousin, and I went downtown to see the 4th of July fireworks!

This year, our city did them early. Along with their annual “City Folk” Festival.

I originally didn’t want to go, however, Kia (12 yo sis), asked me to take her.

I figured it would be a nice little outing. So I decided to go.

The Before:

I planned to meet up with some friends, which is always fun.

However, most of them were acting stupid and it reminded me of why I rarely hang out with them.

So we had fun painting nails and doing hair before going.

The During:

It rained, which was devastating. Not to mention, I didn’t see anyone I wanted to see.

Instead, I spent the majority of my time saying “hi” to their friends, as this has become a little kid thing now.

Don’t get me wrong, I did see people I knew.

Just no one I cared about.

The Fireworks:

This is actually the 1st year I have watched them.

(B/c in the past, I was always too busy to pay attention b/c I was talking to my friends).

Fortunately, they were beautiful! Very beautiful.

There was some really colorful ones, different shaped ones, and even floating ones.


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