Tell Me Why… Pt. II.

Tell Me Why... Pt. II.

James got engaged.

Yeah, so he texted me today (apparently excited), and told me his big news.

This is the same Best Friend who just told me he was dating someone last week.

So imagine my shock, right? How did he go from just dating someone to planning to marry them? …don’t even ask me b/c I don’t have an answer either.

Now. Why I am very “happy” (not fake happy- b/c I do feel some way for him, but thats not necessarily the word I’d like to use. And trust me, it is a positive feeling) for him, I don’t think I’m looking forward to this.

This is obviously the end, and I accept that.

And I didn’t even mention this to my boyfriend (yet) b/c I can only imagine how excited he’ll be (with James out the pic).

And I want to be the ‘Best Man,’ but you know he has an identical twin. So we’ll just see about that. But, its fair b/c I already told him he could be my ‘Maid of Honor.’

Wait… did I mention he (well technically ‘we’) planned to continue our ‘sexcapades’ despite either of us being committed to someone else? (Sounds like a poisonous Best Friendship, I just realized). Just for the record, no, we have not had sex since I’ve been with my boyfriend. (Actually, I haven’t been with any other guy. Remember I really like this boyfriend. I’ve been a great girlfriend).

Ps… I want it to be known that this wasn’t decided while either of us were in a relationship. This was decided when we 1st established that we were BFs. So I can’t even say whether its true or not, since we have never acted on this (even though we have hung out since this and has the opportunity).

I’m just beyond done with this entire situation. So I’m accepting applications for a new Best Friend! (:

Apply at the link below.

PPs… I love him though.


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