Tell Me Why…

Tell Me Why...

James, my best friend, ruined my whole weekend!

So James told me around Monday that he would come visit. He lives about an hour away and I haven’t seen him since September 2013-ish.

When he announced he was coming, I was automatically excited. I figured he was coming to visit his friend from my campus. But he wasn’t, he was just coming to visit me! (How sweet, right?).

I was even more excited. Especially since I started my second job, my life has been really hectic and stressful. Just the matter of him coming was going to make everything great, not to mention we were going to go out and have fun. Really, after working 35+ hours/wk with kids, having adult fun really tickles your fancy.

We were going to have lunch, probably Chipotle bc I’ve been craving it, and hit a club, Yellow Rose- a mixed club (my favorite!).

Us spending time together is the ‘thing’ that kept me pushing all week long.

Whelp. It was all for no reason bc yesterday, he told me he couldn’t come.

This was/is devastating!

All my hope went down the drain.

Everything was a let-down. Him not coming. Not going out. Not having fun. Not eating Chipotle, just everything.

Then, to make things worse, he told me he has a girlfriend.

Now, just to clear the air and set the record straight, in advanced, no. I am not mad and it does not bother me.

However, I just don’t feel he needs a gf, when being my BF is a full time job in itself. He just doesn’t have room for distractions and other commitments.

[Random, then I told my BF and he was happy for him! Thats got me thinking, “who’s side is he on? Mine? Or James’ gf?]

See… I don’t want to share James with anyone else. Not a gf, not a close friend, and not another BF. (Especially not another BF, that would be worse than him having a gf).

Luckily, I had time to do a lot of thinking. I realized, that it’s very selfish of me. That is why I have decided to be happy for him (well them).

Besides, we already discussed this and things between us won’t change. And this could end at any moment.


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