While I was just on twitter I saw the hashtag above. This made me realized I have never blogged about my dad!

Plus Fathers Day Just passed not too long ago, so this is the perfect opportunity.

So here are #10factsaboutmydad:
1. He died when I was seven.
2. My 1st memory of him is when he taught me what year I was born in, with a calculator.
3. He had seven siblings.
4. His favorite cousin was my cousin Lisa. (I met her for the 1st time in 2012 at my grandmas funeral).
5. He made computers.
6. He always used “basically.”
7. He was an atheist.
8. He loved/raced/fixed motorcycles. (&Actually died on one).
9. His siblings all say he was a saver. (Of everything, especially. And my mom always says I’m just like him).
10. He was a SR. (My older brother is a JR).


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