Attack of the Asthma!

Attack of the Asthma!

Yes, as you can see, I have been attacked.

I have asthma. Bad. Like really really bad.

Fortunately, I am (usually) able to keep great control over it. I take my inhalers only as needed.

I am prescribed three inhalers (advair, abuterol, & quvar) and pills (singulair) to maintain my condition.

The pills along w/ the advair, are supposed to be taken everyday. While the other two inhalers are ”as needed’ (aka, when I’m feeling a little sick. Or with increase physical activity).

As a child, I really struggled and spent a lot of time in the hospital with pneumonia. However, as I have gotten older, I have gotten a lot better.

Additionally, I am usually only sick when the seasons change. This really sucks b/c this also comes with allergies.

Now, I admit, occasionally, I do miss my meds. (As most people do). And I don’t think much of it. However, its times like these, in which I regret it.

Since school has been out (ballet is over and my physical activity has decreased quite a bit), I haven’t been taking them.

But I wish I had, b/c it really sucks to feel this way. My chest is tight. My lungs are super small (you can really feel it when you have asthma). My chin itches (always happens to me during an attack, also during a mild illness/outbreak). My attitude sucks (b/c I hate feeling this way and its simply upsetting). My throat hurts (from coughing every six seconds). And my tummy hurts (from tightening my abs from coughing).

…its just all bad.


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