Time for An Upgrade.

Time for An Upgrade.

Yes, its finally time to kick tmobile to the curb! (:

So, I’ve never went off on here about how much I hate them, but trust me, I do.

I hate everything about them.

However, lucky me, I have a great friend who works for Sprint. My friend and his manager put together a great deal for us.

We’ll get four free iPhones and and the new Galaxy for $50.00. The plan will be unlimited everything, which we have now, but waayyy cheaper. We pay $375.00/month currently, but with the new plan, we’ll pay only $240.00/month.

So right now, its looking like the best deal.

Honestly, we don’t care about the service (weird right?) but its more about the price. We want whatever is going to save the dinero.

Additionally, I’m excited b/c my boyfriend has an iPhone. …this means we can get matching cell phones cases!



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