Dancing Eaters of Human Flesh!

Dancing Eaters of Human Flesh!

…dannibals, in short.

Yeah, my friend totally made that word up. Lmbo.

Apparently, those are the type of children I am destined to have.

Lol. This whole conversation started when he, my ex Husband- you all know him, said, “I think we would have been a great couple.”

Then that sparked a whole hypothetical conversation about how our relationship would have been. (In my defense, I want it to be on record that it was not a weird way. ‘Cause that could be disrespectful, since I have a bf… but yeah, it wasn’t anything like that).

With him, I have a long history of biting and ballet. Lol. He feels, due to this, that I will have dannibals.

And of course I asked why, and he says its b/c I light up his world like nobody else. …yeah, he didn’t really say that. Haha. But he said, “…[you] make my day. (I sent some in between texts) …see… [you] do [make my day] without trying.”

Then that lead to us talking about raising kids on nachos (the only thing I can really cook). Haha.

All in all, it was a great conversation. Ps… that pic is hot too.


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