And Together, Again.

And Together, Again.

(This is a few days late.)

Everyone knows I was totally excited about seeing James on Monday when I visited Columbus!

Unfortunately, I was unable to see him. (I’m actually not upset. He’s my BF so he gets mercy. Lol.) Besides, next time, I’m definitely going to make sure I see him.

But… fortunately, I was able to see my boyfriend.

So I was totally excited about seeing him b/c he is my boyfriend. (Obviously). But also b/c we haven’t seen each other in quite some time. Plus, I didn’t even expect to see him, so that made it even to times better!

We had such a great time.

Honestly, I would have love to spend time and talk. You know? Do all the things we could do if we were closer. However, we had this early morning thing going on (6:00AM-11:00AM, so he had just got off work at 5:30PM.

…Especially talk, b/c we have things to talk about. Apparently, my blog makes him feel “awkward.”

The last post about him (12 Hours) made him feel bad. (I’ll talk about this is another post too.). So I would have loved to discuss that with him.

But due to our short amount of time together, I didn’t feel it was worth it. I’d much rather spend time enjoying each other in the little time we had, than talking about something “sour.”

Anyways… we showered. And slept. After all, it was super early. Haha. But the nap was great, it was almost like spending an entire night together.

…ps, that pic is how right? I love that!


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