Finally Here.

*searching for the perfect pic*

Yay, finally here and got here safe and sound.

We got turned around, not lost, just turned around but everything was “A-OK.”

We had so much fun (be ready to check out the pics b/c I’m definitely posting a gallery soon!).

We rode rides, went swimming, and ate funnel cakes. In like 60 degree weather. (Yes, it was a little chilly but that didn’t stop us.).

I talked to James earlier, and we’re supposed to hang later. I’m assuming sometime tonight, but I don’t know what we’re supposed to be doing.

But then it was pretty stupid. I found out we may have to leave a little early (as in not stay until the afternoon but go home in the morning).

This means I may not get to see my boyfriend.

He gets off at 5:30 AM so he’s free “any time after that” however, due to the distance (I guess when he ‘Map’ped out the directions, its still 30 mins away. Sucksful!) it still may not happen. If its too far, he’ll want me to get dropped off (did I mention I failed my driving test… again.), which won’t work.

If I have to get dropped off, it wouldn’t be until at least 10:00 AM (but we may leave before noon) b/c my mom is not a morning person.

Get where this is going?

Too far a distance, I need a ride. Too early in the mornining, leaves me without a ride.

I would really like if he just came to get me, after work and then we could spend the morning together. Then, when its time to go, my mom could pick me up before getting on the highway and going home.

…which won’t happen.

But whatever, its a good thing I didn’t really expect to see him, otherwise that would have been quite upsetting.

Any who, apparently my last post (not the vote, but the one about going to Columbus) made him feel bad.

So yeah, just wait for the ‘Relationship Update.’

..wish me luck.


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