Its Actually a Funny Story.

Its Actually a Funny Story.

Tis’ a pic of a little ole’ flame.

…sounds a lot like an old flame. (Or fling, if you will.

So here’s the funny mini story of two that just happened to pop back up this week.

The 1st is “Person X*.”

So we met through the other person that will be discussed. Initially, I didn’t think much of him (as the 2nd person & I had a thing going on.) However, one way or another, we developed our own little thing.

Honestly, it wasn’t anything too major. Yeah, I had a little crush on him and I’m pretty sure he had one on me. We hung out a few times and had great conversations (yes, I’m a fool for a great conversation. He’s super smart and knowledgeable. It’s perfect). He also gave me a really great massage (and popped my back, whew… I didn’t know how much I loved that until he did it for me.)

So over time we talked about taking the friendship to another level (not necessarily a relationship. Actually, if I remember correctly, he wanted something more than a friendship but less than a relationship. I don’t know what that’s supposed to be. But at the time, I didn’t need a sex buddy b/c I had already had one. [He’s been featured on the site]). At any rate, we never had sex -although Im like 90% sure he would have been great.

So recently, as in this week, we started talking again. He RTd me on Twitter (@ThePrefrredOne) and it made me remember to DM him. This was a few months back so I don’t remember quite why we stopped talking but we did. And we spent a time talking about random things. This was a nice catch-up.

I was thinking, “hmm… it doesn’t get much better than this.” (Weird fact: I have a thing for catching up with old friends.)

Whelp, just when it couldn’t get any better.

The other friend texts me. My infamous ‘Ex Husband.” (He’s been featured quite a bit. Last you guys probably heard, we weren’t talking b/c he wanted to be immature. Honestly, I think he was sad that I had gotten a bf.).

Anyways. Since then… we’ve spent practically every day (and night) talking. At this point, I have more texts in my phone between him & I, than I have with my bf.

Here’s the thing, I don’t think its a coincidence. I think it was a set-up.


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