12 Hours!

12 Hours!

Whew! In case you haven’t noticed, I have a ‘Big Countdown’ at the bottom of my page.

It says 12 hours, but it should be more like 17hours but whatever.

As the pic shows, my family is going to Zoombezi Bay. (:

We’re all excited b/c we haven’t been there in a really long tiem. And the little people haven’t been there at all.

The bottom of my page also says that I’ll see my bf. So I should naturally be excited, right?

Nope, I’m not. Why? …because he has to work (like always). So there’s a good chance I won’t even get to see him.

Actually… I’m thinking the chance is so low, that I don’t even expect to see him.

Which is totally fine.

…luckily, I have a super amazing Best Friend who wants to see me! And… he’ll be off work. Thank the Lord.

So I’m totally excited about seeing James. We have so much to talk about and stuff, plus I haven’t seen him since October 2012.

When I visit him, I’m taking him a surprise (I’ll post the pic after he gets it) and SAM. (Sebastian Amadeus Matthews, our Build A Bear baby we have together).

So, I can’t wait to see him.

…ps, yeah, I straight skipped over my boyfriend like that. I’ll explain on another post. Just wait for it.


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