The Big Trade.

So I’m just a little upset my mom is selling my car.

Initially, she was just thinking about it. However, this past Saturday, I failed my maneuverability exam. Again!

After this, she decides we are definitely selling the car. Its been on Craigslist for a while and we mentioned we would sell it for $5,000.00 (what we paid) or do an even trade (I want an Equinox, Liberty, or another bigger vehicle. ). But I don’t think she’s going for that now. (She thinks its just too big.)

I have a blue ’04 Pacifica, but someone who is trading a gold ’06 Implala wants to look at my car Tuesday. This is good b/c I do like the Impala, and my mom think it’ll be better (She knows everything about cars… literally. However, its bad b/c its not what I want.

So… I just write this to say I hate that stupid test. And I hate that I have to sell my car.


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