Our 1st Disagreement.

Soo… my boyfriend and I had our first disagreement last night!

(Yes, I say disagreement b/c it really wasn’t an argument. We didn’t yell, actually it was through text, and it stemmed from me answering a question that he asked.)

Basically it started when I tweeted (@ThePreferredOne) that I would be deleting all my texts, except from James’ (my Best Friend) thread. My bf was upset and didn’t think that was fair.

I explained how it was simply b/c I don’t text James as much and really it didn’t matter b/c I had actually changed my mind.

He then said “forget it.” So I was confused, b/c I didn’t see what the big deal was.

He then said with him being my bf, that should be reason enough to save our texts (which I do and I always have, like even before we got together).

He then goes on to ask, “who’s the most important guy in your life right now?” …I texted back, “you and James.”

So he didn’t text back b/c apparently it made him feel a little weird (didn’t I recently blog about how one of them would soon feel ‘competition’ between each other?). Then I explained it wasn’t a big deal b/c he’s my BF so he shouldn’t let that get to him.

Frustrated, he just told me he’d talk to me later. (This actually pissed me off, I totally hate when people walk away from problems when they can just talk it out or establish their point of view). So I left it lone b/c I was done. (…you know, with the conversation, not with the relationship).

In the middle of the night, he sends me this five-message-long text talking about how that really upset him. (From what how I interpret from his text) he was basically saying that he just feels b/c he would never put his friends before me, it made him feel weird to have me put my friend on the same level as him.

He then goes on to (indirectly) apologize and adds how we both saying things that come off in a different way than we intend. (Which is always true, I always feel like I hurt his feelings. And he always seems to talk in this condescending tone, which, we obviously don’t do on purpose).

…that was at about 4:30AM, and I was awake when he sent that but I didn’t know what to say, so I waited until he texted me ‘Good Morning” to reply.

Essentially, I told him he make a valid point (with somethings stated in the text) however, James isn’t just “some friend” he’s my best friend so he’s just going to have to be more understanding when it comes to our best-friendship.

However, I would like to add that I respect the fact that he didn’t try to put all the blame on me. He mentioned that we both do things like this, which is true. He has this team mentality going on, which is pretty hot.

Yeah, I always talk about him… and I’m not usually not like that. So, I’ll blog about “us” another time.


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