My BF vs. My bf, Pt. II.

To reiterate: BF- Best Friend, James. bf- boyfriend.

The bf: Things are going great.

I still really like him and obviously want to be with him. However, its slowing down. When we 1st got together, everything was really fast and fun. For ex, our 1st two months came past so quickly, I couldn’t believe we had already been together so long. (Half of my longest relationship, that’s right, the longest was four months.).

However, lately, he’s been really busy so we haven’t even texted as much. We still don’t talk on the phone or video chat. And he actually complained about us not doing so but he works practically everyday. And… when he gets an off day, I don’t know. I just find out.

Now… I don’t say that to mean in an angry manner. I just don’t think its cool that he complains when about us not talking, yet, whenever he has free time (for the most part) he uses it to sleep. (Which is understandable, but still).

Furthermore, things are getting old. (Well, it seem that way for him.) We still text each other good night/good morning, but he doesn’t send sweet texts like he used to. Which, I don’t like, just b/c I freaking love those. Also, he just doesn’t seem to be as excited to text as I am. (But I could just be ‘tripping’ a little bit.).

Nonetheless, I really like him a lot so I have extra patience, compassion, and care for him and our relationship. With so many factors; from our distance to our schedules (the main conflicts), I try really hard. Even though it is struggle. I think it has a lot to do with how much I like him and want to be with him.

And there is always ‘two sides to a story’ soo my side is obviously biased bc I’m the partner who does nothing all day, so I just have the desire to text him and talk to him all day. (See, with school out and my vacation from work… I sit. And do nothing). So I’m sure its not as bad as I made it out to be. But I sure do show a lot of understanding, bc if he were anyone else, I would totally be single by now.

And… when we do talk, in the late or early hours, its always great and makes everything better. Its a situation where the good weighs out the ‘less favorable factors.’

The BF: Ehh… things are ‘so-so.’

I totally miss my BF! I haven’t seen him in months. He also lives about an hour away, aka, he lives in the same city as my boyfriend.

Now we rarely talk on a casual conversation level. We usually talk when something cool/new/exciting/sad/bad/good/etc happens… and when we really need a favor from the other.

This is fine bc I love him and he loves me. And I love him.

So we have this BFship where everything works out perfectly. We are just the same to get along in most ridiculous ways and agree to ridiculous things, however, we are just opposite enough to attract. Its pretty great.

And yeah, we have a past, that is full of sex. (Whhaaatttt? Yeah, were BFs and we’ve had sex. Actually, thats how we became friends. Ill tell our story on another blog.) However, there is nothing there.

Meaning, we don’t have feelings for each other , in a relationship manner. We already know, that we would/could never be together. Lol. And even to outsiders looking in on what we have, they may disagree or think otherwise, but we know what the deal is.

Despite this, we do a lot of things together, that are usually reserved for a boyfriend/girlfriend. For ex; were getting matching tattoos together. We plan to have kids together. (Insider.) If anything cool happens, he’s the first to know. I talk to him about everything from my birth control to my boyfriend.

He is definitely my most valued friend. (That’s why he’s the best.) And he’s always there when I need him. Ex, I’m making my scrap book and I want to have a handwritten letter from an important someone. So in an effort, to include my bf in more things (so he doesn’t feel there is competition between him and my BF), I asked him to write me a letter.

(I asked him to write one a while back, but he basically declined bc he doesn’t like to write. And I told him, it was ‘OK’ …just to see if he would do it despite him not liking to do so, and he straight didn’t do it. I wasn’t mad, but that is the opposite of what I expected him to do.)

Any who, I asked him again, and he said “[I’ll try even though I don’t like to write.]” That wasn’t good enough, simply bc I don’t want to make him do something he doesn’t want to do. I even ensured him, no one would read it.

Now, I asked James to write one and told him no one would read it and that it was for my scrapbook, he said, “yes.” That made me really happy, even though I knew he would accept. But it was weird bc I miss him and sex with him. I definitely don’t mean that in a disrespectful manner. I’m not saying I would act on it. Just a thought.

Anyways, yeah. Just a mini update on the BF and bf.


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