May Madness.

The Background:

Soo… this past weekend was pretty crazy.

The Reason:

So a lot of my friends (some who have liked me in the past) have been trying to grab my attention.

The “Friends”: 

Stupid Head; an ex boyfriend. 

He has been calling me a lot, like he did when we were together.

Now, this is fine b/c we still are friends. However, he always feels the need to ask about my bf.

I just think that’s weird b/c he doesn’t need to check up on him or ask how things are between us.

He’s just acting really comfortable, which makes me uncomfortable.

I feel almost as if he has intentions of trying to get back together, or something. It’s just weird.

Chump Daddy; an ex sex buddy. 

Now. I don’t believe he has been featured on the blog before.

We are friends, but mainly ex sex buddies. He and I were “friends w/ benefits” before my boyfriend and I got together.

Since I’ve been w/ my bf, I have not hung out w/ CD simply b/c I don’t think it would be so appropriate.

(I can definitely practice self control, however, I still wouldn’t hang out w/ him on a one-on-one level.)

Over the past few weeks (or so) he has been hinting around that we should hook up again.

(Obviously not going to happen, and he knows I have a bf too.)

And just this morning he sends me a text saying, “omg i miss u so much!!!”

This is rather awkward b/c I think there another layer within that and all his little actions that go into ‘May Madness.’

WooDaKid; ex best friend (BF).

He has a more subtle approach, that can’t even be taken to heart b/c I’m not sure if he knows I have a bf or not.

And honestly, I don’t think he means any harm.

He just always asks to hang out late nights (that’s when he’s free).

The WTF:

Yeah, I just really don’t WTF is going on.

Lol… or I could just be tripping.

See… I’m very fair, I always play both sides of the fence.



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