The ‘OK’ Lie.

The ‘OK’ Lie.

*Visit the site above and read the article. 

It includes lies that are acceptable to tell in a relationship. 

Here is my response to whether or not I agree. 

Lie 1: Sex is always good. Bc it can improve sex. 

So, I totally get that but I disagree

You don’t have to tell your partner they’re bad, but tell them what you really want. 

*I tell my bf he’s always great, but he really is.*

Lie 2: I’ll pay for that. Bc it shows appreciation. 

I agree, but you should want to do that anyways, so it should’t be a lie. 

*However, I’m pretty good at showing my appreciation.* 

Lie 3: I love your gift. Bc its being grateful. 

This a is hard one. 

I’m a sucker for arts&crafts, therefore I always make my things for people. 

Personally, I’d really like to know if they like it but if you don’t, still be grateful. 

Lie 4: I’m excited to see your family. Bc you don’t want to come between. 

Don’t lie about this!

I’d want to know if someone likes my family and their reasons why. 

If they just don’t like them, you have to go. Flat out. 

But if they’re too loud, rude, etc… we can work around that. 

Lie 5: My family loves you. Bc you don’t want tension. 

I’d say it depends on your partner.  W/ me, I’d like to know the truth.

But with my bf now, I probably would spare his feelings bc he’s a little sensitive. 

…however, I still wouldn’t lie about it. 

Lie 6: I totally agree w/ you. Bc its not worth an argument. 

Don’t lie. This is a total disagree. 

I’d tell the truth bc you don’t want that to come back around and get you. 

Besides, no relationships consists of two who ALWAYS agree. 

Lie 7: You’re better than my ex. Bc you want to build them up. 

No. Don’t lie. 

I just don’t like the idea of someone thinking they’re ‘the best thing that ever happened to me.

You can build them up by highlighting their strengths, and not comparing them. 

All in all, I’d say, don’t lie. 

Its easier that way, not to mention its the right thing to do. 


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