Uninsured America, the College Student.

So, everyone knows that there are tons of Americans who, unfortunately, are uninsured.

I knew this too, but I didn’t know that I would be one too.

Yes, that’s right. America leaves college students uninsured.

Okay, lets back up a bit. Now, technically I have coverage. Its a temporary service (valid May 2012 – Dec. 2013) and it only covers doctor visits. However, I still have a co-pay of $5.00.

Now, that may not seem like a lot, but it is.

I originally had the default insurance given to everyone (Caresource) but when the member turns a certain age, they loose their benefits.

Which is totally fine. Unless, you don’t get any type of notice about it. I had this insurance and one day went to the pulmonologist, (lung specialist -I have chronic and sever asthma, therefore, I require a specialist), and they ran my insurance card and said it had been denied.

Now, we didn’t freak out. Myself, my mom, and the nurses all thought that was weird. I was told to just give them a cal and straighten everything out. I was assured everything would be fine b/c generally people with asthma, aren’t denied healthcare.

So I called the company and learned I no longer had their coverage. What? Thats right. I was now uninsured. And you know what the representative told me? I should get my school’s insurance.

Seems logical, right? No! B/c after you deny the schools coverage, it isn’t offered again until the next school year. (Now, had the company told me ahead of time -aka, given me a deserved warning about loosing my benefits- I could have taken my school’s insurance. However, due to their incompetence, I had already missed out for this year.)

By this time, we were a little shocked but not necessarily upset. B/c my mom is an LPN and she gets benefits from her job, however, you can’t add/remove dependents any time of the year except April.

So, were thinking, “Ill be ‘okay’ until then b/c Ill be added to her coverage -despite the high price & inconvenience- in April 2013.

But guess what? In Feb. 2013, they announced that they were no longer covering dependents for their employees.

Yes. So now I’m pissed b/c this leaves me without default insurance, without my school’s coverage, and without my mom’s coverage as well.

WTF do they expect me to do? How TF am I supposed to see my specialist? And pay for my meds? (I take three inhalers, two pills, and birth control. Not to mention I need an MRI b/c a neurological disorder runs in my family. Along with diabetes and heart disease.)

Excuse me, but thank you (whoever is over situations like these.) -in my total opposite voice.

Back to this temporary coverage, yeah, so it doesn’t even cover half of the things I need.

And no one, not the temporary company, the old company, not a nurse, not a representative, not the school… no one has an answer.

My best option is looking to get school coverage, NEXT YEAR (which obviously doesn’t help me now). And I’ve never looked into it so I don’t know what is covered (but I doubt they’ll cover any doctors off campus, which my gyno and pulmonologist won’t be on their list.). I don’t know how much it’ll cost. I just don’t know.

And this woman, from the temporary service, called today (thats what sparked the outrage/blog.). She told me about the ‘benefits’ but of course, couldn’t answer all my questions.

She then told me about the Affordable Healthcare Act (ObamaCare) and how b/c it is still being negotiated, she doesn’t know if that will even be an option.

However, apparently, if it doesn’t succeed. I will be covered by that. But… of course, there’s a catch. They have NO idea of what it will consist of; they don’t know about a co-pay, not about benefits, not coverage, etc.

Yeah, so cheers- to uninsured America.


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