How To…

Make Mexican Lasagna. 

2013-05-09 20.10.58

 It sounds and looks a lot harder than it really is. Everyone knows I am not, by any means, a “cook.” Seriously. Its very bad. How bad is it? So bad that I have trouble boiling water. (NOT an exaggeration.) My boyfriend & I have already decided, he’ll be the family cook. (Just think, if a man agrees to cook, I must be bad.)

The Ingredients: 

Tortillas| Cheese (we used three bags, three different types.) | Tomatoes w/ green chilies

Black beans | Corn | Onions, regular & green | Ground beef

(you may want toppings; salsa, sour cream, etc)

The Process:

Cook your meat thoroughly, w/ chopped up regular onions

The Build; Layering:

Tortillas | Cheese | Meat | Beans/Corn | Cheese | Tomato mix

…and repeat, until your casserole dish is filled.

2013-05-09 20.10.45

The Top:

Finish with tortillas | cheese | chopped green onions.

2013-05-09 20.18.30

The Bake:

370 degrees for 30 minutes.

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