The. First. Time. Pt. II

(Warning: Contains Adult Material.)

*PS: I have decided when I write “inappropriate” things, I’ll include a warning.

…so back to my hot night.

The Shower. 

As I mentioned in “He Came Back” my boyfriend & I took a great shower.

And, of course, it was sexy… but not intended to be sexual.

So it was so hot to just experience him in this way.

Not to mention how hot it was for him to rub my back in the shower.

(Again, not sexual because he always rubs my back. Simple massage from dancing five days a week.)

The Meanwhile. 

After our shower, we hung out and watched a little tv.

The Shower, Pt. II.

After a small make out session, we decided to hit the shower again.

This time we were already all clean and ready to get dirty.

We began making out a little more and started some really sexual rubbing.

By then, I was pretty ready to get busy!

So, I proceeded to turn around and hint that he could move on to our next step.

After he put on the condom (always practice safe sex), he tried to put it in.

Yes, tried as in, it didn’t fit. (That’s always awkward.) The problem was that I was too tight.

Again, it was awkward. But he made it more awkward by telling me just how tight it was.

(It’s so weird, regardless of how confident you are, for people to verbally express opinions about your body, good or bad.)

But, I should have known that would happen, because I’ve been told that before. (Kegels.)

He kept trying and eventually, we pulled it off. For a little time.

Then, I pulled away and we were back out at square one.

I’m pretty sure he was dying from temptation so his hormones were getting the best of him.

I guess he gave up, and decided that he would perform oral instead. So, I was digging that.

And, he was by far, among the top to ever perform oral sex on me. Boy was he talented.

He bent me over, even more than my slight tilt, and straight went down on me.

I loved it.

So, he went back to sex and it was still too tight.

…he went back down.

He also spanked me and talked dirty to me.

Unfortunately, the water started getting cold, so we got out.

After Shower Pt. II.

We dried off, made out, and went back to tv.

Me, getting tired, decided to head to the bedroom.

And he decided to come with me.

We laid in bed together, and cuddled a little.

He then sat up, and started the sexual rubbing and other sexy things.

The Bed. 

He climbed on top of me and removed what little clothes I had on.

He placed the condom on and we decided to try again.

It was still really tight but he managed to get it in.

It was a really great and intimate experience.

The End.

Soo… I admit it wasn’t supposed to end this way.

I started this post and saved it as a draft, but I totally forgot to finish and publish it.

As a result, all those sexy little details have left me.


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