The Jacuzzi.

The Jacuzzi.

Last night I took one last stab at the jacuzzi.

In the past, it hasn’t worked out for various reasons. However, last night I was in a good mood and decided to try again.

I filled the tub. Created a ‘Bath’ playlist. Added bubbles. (Yeah, I was on it.)

I also made sure I wasn’t in a determined mood. In the past, I was so determined and felt that I just had to achieve this. But last night, I was nonchalant and didn’t think it would work out. (So I really expected to end my night with a regular shower.)

It. Was. FANTASTICAL. (Yes, I made that word up.)

Everything went super perfect. Even the jets. With the tub all the way full, I sat right in and turned them on to find everything was great.

…talk about relaxing.

The best part was the fact that it actually worked when I didn’t expect it to.


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