April’s Fool.

April's Fool.

Yes, it its May but it is never too late for an April Fool’s joke.

Yesterday, while out, I drew this pic. It was intended to serve as a joke for the owners of the car next to us. I thought it would be funny to make them think someone hit their car (although there was no damage).

I provided a false note with a false number and told my sister to place it on the car. She was too scared and decided not to (lol).

So accepting defeat we left the note in our car. Lol. So this morning, my mom goes out to the car and finds the note. She starts freaking out thinking someone hit her new car.

She then gets out, checks all over the car and can’t find damage. She then starts to think it was on another one of our cars. (We have three cars; my truck, her new truck, and her small car.) Recently my car was hit so she began to assume it was for me. Lol.

Finally she decides to start calling the number asking for Sarah. She didn’t reach anyone and decided to switch up the numbers, still, to no avail. Haha.

After seeing my mom look a fool, my sister decided to tell my mom the real story behind the note. Lol. My mom was upset and said she gets tired of my pranks. 😀

#MoralOfTheStory, its never to late to make someone April’s Fool.

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