I Am… My Own Competition.

I Am... My Own Competition.

This is a pic of a pencil, a pen, and a red sharpie.

They are inside of my RST folder.

What…? Just read. I packed up my laptop and this folder Tuesday, so that it would be ready to go and it plain site for when I went back to campus to study for my RST exam (that was on Friday.).

I totally forgot that I had this packed up. So I was packing up my things to move out my apartment (back home for the summer).

Friday came and I panicked when I arrived on campus and remembered all my writing utensils were back at my home (off campus.) I freaked out because I didn’t think I would be prepared for my exam. I then decided I would just ask to borrow a pen from a classmate.

I began to study and reach for the folder. When I opened it, this is what I saw. (:

I write this to say, its not about “being one step ahead of others.” But to be one step ahead of yourself.

I am one step ahead of myself because I have already gone past everyone else. I always plan things (like this) out and organize my schedule. I also do homework in advanced.

I can’t tell you how many times I have arrived at class thinking “OMG, did I do that homework?” And I always forget that I did it because it was so done the night it was assigned versus the day before its due.

I then started thinking… and realizing that I am my own competition.


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