No Me Gusta Espanol, Pt. Dos

No Me Gusta Espanol, Pt. Dos


So I just got back from taking my Spanish 2020 final. This is my shame face.

I studied all morning long and still struggled.

It’s not that people can’t struggle, but it just sucks that all semester long I do fantastic! I never have any problems. With anything.

…not on homework. Not tests. and not even pop quizzes.

Only on the freaking final!

Its like no matter how hard I try or how hard I study, for every final there is a set of conjugations that just WONT come to me. ):

This time it was the imperfect tense. I had an entire sections on this and had to guess every answer, simply because it wouldn’t come to me.

It makes me feel so bad when this happens.

…and even worst when as soon as I turn in my exam, they all come to me.

Lets just pray everything else was perfect.


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