Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

…I don’t.

Which is weird because I believe in “Like at first sight.” (Basically where you see someone once and immediately know you like them.)

I’ve actually experienced this.

Haha… I fell in like with “Sexy ____” when I was a freshman in college. (He was mentioned in a previous post. And fyi, the blank stands for his name. However, for various reasons, I will not say or mention his name. Or anyone else’s name for that matter. That’s why everyone has a nickname, lol).

Anyways. I saw him on campus today and we talked for a little while.

We then decided we would hit them gym later (which would be earlier now. AKA… I just got home from the gym with him).

Now. I obviously don’t like him anymore, although he is still a cool person and were still friends.

It’s just that while we were leaving the gym, we we talking about random things. And this reminded me of how much I used to like him.

Basically, I write this to say, I once fell in like at first sight.

And its funny because freshman me would probably have killed to do that with him. Lol. (Not literally, obviously. Haha. I just used to like him so much. …I even remember the first time we ever hung out.

It was just such a big deal.

…this reminds me of “In life, you’ll do things greater than dating a boy on the football team” (“Fifteen” by Taylor Swift.).

It’s just funny how our younger selves pay so much attention to things that are, compared to life, very small. And then, once they’re done or once we’ve moved on… you finally realize.


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