Dinner is Served.

Yes, this night is on the road to getting worst. 

Everyone is starving! (Myself, all my siblings, and everyone who decided to help us move. All and all its five adults, six little kids, and two babies… 13 people!) We had a small breakfast and dinner will be our first meal since everyone was busy playing a role in this moving process. 

I decided we should have spaghetti. It’s cheap, easy to make, and delicious. …plus I wanted some. 

We got more than enough of the ingredients. To make sure everyone had enough to eat. 

Initially, I said I would make it after I cleaned a little and showered. 

However, because everyone was/is so hungry, my sister decided to make it. 

She spends more than enough time making this meal. 

Finally, I go down to eat… and there is one small pot. I immediately told her it was not enough for everyone. 

Come to find out, she used one can of sauce, half a pack of noodles, and half a pack of meat. Yup… for 13 people, including five adults, and no one has eaten anything since breakfast!

I’m thinking, “how stupid can you be?” You have a house full of hungry people and you don’t even cook all the food available. It’s just dumb. So… as everyone comes to start getting plates, the pot surely dwindles down. And I remind her, it is not enough. (Thinking she’d have enough sense to make more.)

She says, “I know , I know, I know… I’m sorry. But I’m not that hungry so I won’t eat.” I’m like dude, “how does that help anyone who wanted seconds?” …she walks away. I’m like you fucking fool. How TF you figure you could walk away when you didn’t even complete the task at hand?

….are you kidding me?

My mom then tries to help find a solution. To no avail. All the children started to come back and ask for more. So of course I gave it to them, and there are still people who haven’t eaten anything. 

Then, my mom asked me to make more. I told her “no” because my sister needs to make it, since its her fault that it isn’t enough. My mom then asked her, and she said she wasn’t doing it… and my mom asked why, she had no answer. She made her stupid face (the stupid face she always makes when she knows she is being stupid and everyone else knows she is being stupid.).

My mom, now upset, decided she would do it. I told my mom she shouldn’t have to…. my sister should. 

A year later (not literally… obviously) she comes down to make more. I then started cookies for everyone. And now she is down there, probably and more than likely with that stupid face, making more. 

Yes… this just happened. As in, is still going on. 

…will I survive this move? 


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