…And Can I Get a Hot Tub?

...And Can I Get a Hot Tub?

So my family has finally moved into our new home.

And we are all obviously very excited.

…however, everyone is super duper excited because our bathroom has a hot tub.

No. Not like a hotel. Its more of a bath tub with jacuzzi jets. (Sexy, right?)

Well last night my mom had a relaxing shower, after a long hard day of moving. So… I called “next.” Because I wanted to get in and have a relaxing time.

…umm, it was terrible!

It turns out the hot/cold water labels are backwards. So I wasted tons of time trying to figure out how to work the handle. Next, I wasted so much time, by the time I figured it out, the hot water was now warm. But I figured the jets would make it seem hotter than what it was. However, I could not get it to work.

Apparently, the tub has to be full (water covering the jet circles, so it can circulate the water… or something) . But the water coming out the jets was too cold.

I was frustrated and I took a regular shower and decided I would try again today.

So I’ve been moving all day (started at noon and just got to the new place at 8) and decided I would try again.

I spent so much time filling the tub with hot water. (Nice, right? …no! It was too hot. Like scorching) so I decided to let it cool down.

After 30minutes, I decided to get in. (So tub is full and water it hot, sounds perfect.) But it wasn’t! When I cut the jets on, water flew everywhere!

…even outside of the tub. ):

So this just created even more work for after my ‘relaxing tub time.’

…finally I realized, this took so much work, it was counterproductive to work this hard for a relaxing bath.

Again, I cut on the shower and took a warm shower.

Ps… I do not want the hot tub. (Well, I do… but I will not be trying again for a really long time.) This is me after the shower, brushing my teeth.


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