I Can Smell the Savings.

I Can Smell the Savings.

Here are all the things I got for Bath & Body Works.

They had a ‘buy three – get three sale!’

Lets break down these savings.

1. You could buy two complete scents (spray, lotion, and wash). 2. Or buy the majority of two scents.

I chose option two.

My scents: Beautiful Day, White Citrus, & Midnight Pomegranate.

The majority: I got the spray & lotion for those scents.

…this was about $40.00.

However, they also had ‘pick up for $5.00’ sale.

Therefore I got two lip glosses. (Normally $8.50).

Oh yeah, I saved BIG.

…not to mention I got coupons & these last me a really long time.


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