The Talk.

The Talk.

This is a pic of some graffiti art drawn by my good friend J. Miguel. (:

Well, we used to talk everyday. For he works across from my old dorm. We would engage in tons of conversations about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Jp… we talked about a wide variety of topics though.

He’s great at giving advice, even if you don’t ask for it.

So yesterday, I stopped by to see him at work. And we had a nice little conversation about a lot of topics. One that included my boyfriend.

He said it would be inappropriate for me to hang out with any male, regardless of the time of day. Now, I totally disagree with this. (We actually often disagree.)

I already discussed this with my boyfriend and he said he didn’t mind me hanging out with other guys (to a certain extent; long as we have never been intimate and long as it isn’t late at night. I understand and I will obviously honor his wishes.) Therefore, because I was not going against his wishes, I didn’t expect it to be a big deal that I told a friend I would hang out with him.

So Julius goes on to say I should ask myself this, “would I behave this way if my boyfriend were here with me?”

I think this was very useful information and I’m quite happy he made it this simple. Up until now, I have been asking my ex Best Friend, Miller, what would be appropriate. And he is in a committed long distance relationship so he has been my person for consult.

However, now that I have this question to ask, I guess it’ll be a lot easier.

See, I really am trying to be a good girlfriend. (Not saying that I’m normally a bad girlfriend, however, with past relationships I have engaged in activities that I guess were not qualities of a good girlfriend. Haha. But with my current boyfriend I have not done any of that. I have been extra careful and cautious to be totally respectful of him and our relationship because I like him soo much. -He’s my favorite boyfriend.) And it was nice that J. Miguel noticed, he said so himself.

So I was really happy that I had time to stop by and see him.

And I’m excited my boyfriend is coming in two weeks! (:


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