The. First. Time. Pt. I


My boyfriend & I were intimate for the first time.

It was totally different than what I expected.

The Stereotype. 

First, I’d like to say my blog is my safe place. So, there will be tons of confessions here.

Well, again, I don’t make a big “to-do” about race, religion, culture, etc.

However, we’ve all heard stereotypes about guys and their size or their abilities, etc.

The most common I’ve heard, “white guys are smaller than black guys, but make up for it with oral sex.”

(I actually literally JUST read this, while surfing through blogs online.)

…and I actually don’t fall for stereotypes. However, I will admit that I didn’t know what to expect.

(However, that could be attributed the fact  that this was our first time being intimate.)

The Expected. 

Honestly, I expected it to be weird and awkward.

He’s so sweet so I thought he would be too gentle.

I didn’t expect him to satisfy me.

I didn’t think the sex or oral would be great.

The Different.

It was quite nice.

It wasn’t awkward, and it was just like any other first experience.

I mean, he was definitely more gentle than I would have liked.

However, that isn’t a huge problem.

And unfortunately we didn’t use the toys, but I know we will in the future.

The After. 

I love talking about sex, especially about a specific experience with the person.

However, we didn’t spend too much time talking about it.

We just cuddled. (That’s his thing! ;))

The Don’t.

Don’t believe everything you hear/read.

(Again, I didn’t believe them, it’s just a nice tip.)

I would definitely say try new things.

And don’t underestimate people either, haha.


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