The Morning After.

The Morning After.

Well, we’ve all had those “spur of the moment” nights they have lead to fun and memorable nights!

Last night, I had one. (:

My initial plans were t work and attend our post-season basketball game. However, that didn’t really happen.

I went to work and got off a little early. Then, as I was headed to the game, I heard that my ‘Ex Husband’ (mentioned in a previous blog) was doing a show.

So I was convinced to come see the remainder of the show. It was a stroll-off for our NPHC/Divine 9 Orgs.

Boy was it fun! Their events are always so much fun. I’ve attended practically every event they have held. Lol. Last night, the placing was as follows: 1st Phi Beta Sigma, 2nd Delta Sigma Theta, and 3rd Zeta Phi Beta. (If I heard correctly).

And they gave a free ticket to tonight’s event, to the person who could recite each org with its founding year in order. SmDh! I was so pissed I missed that because that was all me!

…I’ve done tons of research, but thats a whole nother blog for a whole nother day. Lol.

But yes, t was so much fun. Then I found out some of my friends were going to a local nightclub.

So I just had to go.

After a few hours, I totally convinced my friends to go.

We went. Had fun. Dance. Partied. Everything. It was tons of fun.

Unfortunately, nothing too crazy happened. ):

But it was cool that I wore my relationship bracelet to the club because it symbolizes my relationship, when I would life to be associated with single. Lol.

But I really like my boyfriend (did I mention its been one whole month now! Yay.) so I totally wore it.

And actually, ‘the old me’ would still hit on guys and been that ‘wild girl’ on the dance floor. But I was so behaved. Haha. But don’t get me wrong, I shook my little booty. And I gave my number out twice.

But! That is a huge accomplishment and significant decrease to what I would have done if I were single (or in a relationship with anyone else.)

Besides, I am normally really anxious when I go out because I just have to meet guys and give my number out, almost as a game I play with myself. And I have a little commitment problem so being in a nightclub is a situation that would normally make me feel doubt/regret about my relationship.

But this time, I didn’t feel that. It was as if I just wanted to go out and have fun. But at the end of the night, still be with my boyfriend. (:

And he is such a sweetie. He told me I should go and have fun. (In a genuine manner, no an angry ‘go have fun [do whatever you want]’ way.) And after I got home, he said he was glad I had fun.

But this is a pic of my hands (you’re marked with permanent marker if you’re under 21). And this morning I was so tired.

And now, this guy I met is texting me.

Soo… thats my morning after.


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