The Best Part of a Relationship.


So, as previously mentioned, I recently started a new relationship.

(Month 1; March 27, 2013.)

Well everything is going great.

So I figured I’d blog about the best parts of a relationship.

The Best Part. 

Simply put, its the beginning.

My Boyfriend & I are are that “cupcake phase.”

Cupcake Phase. 

We text all day everyday.

We get into little arguments about who misses who more.

And we do the whole “good morning”-“good night” texts.

The Best Texts. 

He also sends me little cute texts saying different things.

You know? …sweet nothings.

Like he’ll text just to say he thought about me.

Or just text me to say he misses me.

The Bad Part. 

My only problem with that is, it’ll be over soon. ):

(Typically, things get old and these things won’t always happen)

While showing interest, both parties focus more time and energy to establish something.

But, once established, it’s like all the hard work stops, because they now have you.

When actually, the hard work should now begin.

I Just Hope.

My Boyfriend doesn’t try that. Haha.

I’ll be sure to make him understand, he will always have to work to keep me.

On The Up-Side. 

He really is the best so I don’t think I have anything to worry about.

But I will be a little sadden by the end of this phase.

However, I guess we’ll just have to find ways to make the next phase even more special and exciting.

And going to the next level of something is always good.


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