Make Me a Thespian. Pt. II

Make Me a Thespian.

So below is a slideshow I created. The slides are from the brochure of an amazing opportunity!

The Opportunity. 

In short, it is an internship at the New Jersey Shakespeare school!

(Everyone knows I totally love Shakespeare and I hope to one day be a certified Shakespearean scholar/actress.)

So the school will house a number of college students for an entire summer.

You will take tons of classes and learn tons of technique, all centered around Billy and his work.

(…aka, a piece of Heaven!)

Even Better Note. 

This is truly an investment for thespians/actors/actresses/(design tech, stage menegement, etc).


Once you go, you will be invited back to the school for the following summers. (So a total of four summers!)

And, they’ll offer you work/experience/references to students who attend the courses.

So basically, experience and a job!

(Straight out of college? …yeah, you’re winning.)

Whats The Catch?


That’s right. There is no catch.

Unfortunately, there is a price.

…it’s close to $4,000.00 (plus $30.00 application fee.)

However, (I believe) this is a one time fee. You pay your entrance year, and when you’re invited back, the costs are covered.

Make Yourself (ME) a Thespian. 

So, I obviously would love to be able to do this.

And I wish I could make myself a thespian.

Unfortunately, I simply don’t have the money to do so.

See, I already pay college out of pocket, so this plus college for Fall 2013, just won’t happen. ):

I just found out about this, therefore, I wasn’t even able to try and save up the amount of money needed.

Will What Will You Do?

So, since I don’t have the money and I couldn’t save up the money.

I am definitely going to apply for their financial aid.

(Although, I doubt I’ll get it because my mom makes too much money. )


…and of course, I’ll pray.

What if That’s Not Enough?

Well, personally I always feel prayer is more than enough.

So, if it doesn’t happen, it just wasn’t meant to happen.


…wish me luck and pray for me.

I wish I could raise the money online.

(Haha, it’s funny but don’t laugh.)

I saw an episode of iCarly and through their web-show, the trio raised all this money (hundreds of dollars) for some project they wanted.

So I wish I could reach out to all my readers and convince them to donate the money!

(After all, I am a very worthy cause.)

Any Suggestions?

Does anyone have any idea of how to get the money?

(Comment with your ideas.)

Or is there a way to get a sponsor of some sort?


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