He Came Back.


Alright, last week my boyfriend came to visit and it was like a disaster date. 

Yes, it was terrible.

I had two surprises and only one surprise went well.

I wasn’t mad, but I was totally disappointed.

The Make-Up.

So he apologized, which I obviously accepted. 

I think there was a small mis-communication. 

And he promised to come back soon. 

The ComeBack. 

So he came back yesterday.

He came straight after work, so he got here about 8:00AM.

I had ballet 11:00AM-Noon & Spanish 1:30PM-2:30PM, so that was his designated sleep time. 

(Last time he came and practically slept the entire time.)

So everything was going great, and I even got out of class early.

Our Day. 

So our plan was to sleep, eat, and visit a sex shop. 

The Sleep.

It was nice. It actually came after our first shower together. 

The shower was nice and sensual. Haha. 

Funny side note:

[I gave him a wash-rag and a towel.

And he didn’t use the WR, he just used the soap to wash with.

This is particularly funny to me because I always use a WR, but I know lots of people don’t.

So When I realize someone uses only soap, it always seems funny to me.]

And not to make this black/white-or-white/black, but it usually seems like a ‘white thing.’ 

– so, I accidentally made that a b/w-or-w/b thing, but I obviously don’t mind. 

The Eat.

We ordered pizza, half pepperoni & half cheese, I don’t eat pork. 

He, however, didn’t eat much. 

And then he made a joke about how we’ll eat pizza for the ‘rest of our lives.’

(How cute, right? That means we have a future! <3)

But that’s not true because I can cook spaghetti & nachos. Lol. 

…besides, he could always learn to cook. (:

The Sex Shop. 

(Warning: This contains adult material.) 

We planned to visit a local shop and buy toys!

…unfortunately, we never made it there. 

I think we were just too tired. (I know I was.)

Besides, we could always go another time. 

The Sex. 

What? That wasn’t a topic! …I know, it just kinda happened. 

Well, we laid back in bed and…

(That’s just a teaser, I’ll write about that on a separate post.) 



7 thoughts on “He Came Back.

  1. Haha it’s a bit funny to me too. I alllllways use a washrag/washcloth (growing up I always said washrag but as I got older I said washcloth). Sometimes I use a loofah as well but still the washrag.
    I’m glad your relationship is going well 🙂 I definitely like that he said the rest of your lives. Little things like that are important to me :3

    1. Haha! 😀

      I know, that cracked me up so hard. It was so funny!

      And thanks so much. Its still going great. Hes actually here today, Ill post about that later too. Lol.

      But I always use a washrag and sometimes a loofah, it just depends on my mood. But I also use three different soaps and he thought that was funny. (;

      1. Omg, wow. I thought I was the only one who does that! YES! I’m not totally weird xD I have an odd and organized bathroom routine to go along with the products I use. It’s nice to know

  2. Omg, wow. I thought I was the only one who does that! YES! I’m not totally weird xD I have an odd and organized bathroom routine to go along with my soaps, rags, and loofahs. I even have different toothbrushes. Maybe that’s a bit much, but it’s just dandy!

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