I’ve Had Enough!

Alright, I already posted about my terrible prof. on “You Get An F.”

However, it has gotten worst!

This past Tuesday, we were supposed to take a test. However, of course, she was late to class. Students are required to wait 15minutes before leaving the class, out of respect to the prof. (unless the prof has a PhD, then you wait 20minutes.).

Well… of course I waited 15minutes before leaving, however, she was late so… after 15, I left.

So apparently, there was a bad accident that held her up. (Keep in mind, this is the first time she has ever had a legitimate excuse as to why she was late, considering that the accident was out of her control.) And when she arrived, there were students who remained in the class and were able to take the test.

That night, she emailed me saying I could take the test up until 5:00PM. However, I didn’t get that email until Wednesday morning. I replied letting her know I had 3 classes plus work, 9-9PM, back to back. (Now, I have a small break from 3:30-5:30PM, however, within that time frame, I have to change clothes, eat, do homework, and take care of business, all before work. AKA, there is no time in between.)

So, she told me to come at 3:30PM and do it then, however, I didn’t get that email until this morning (Thursday).

So, I replied and told her I would be there at 12PM/noon today to make it up.

Well in class at 9:00AM, this morning, we got into a heated debate about making up the test.

She claimed that I was disrespectful and negative. So, I let her know what’s disrespectful and negative is her showing up late to class everyday unprepared. (Not to mention a myriad of other things wrong with this class.)

So, she stepped back, looking appalled, as if she could not believe I said that. Then she goes on to blow this whole thing up, (mind you this is DURING class time. So, instead of speaking to me after class (like I told her I would, through email) she decides to “argue” in front of the entire class. Wasting their time and money away.).

I’m amazed that an adult decided to act like that in a room full of students. She is completely unprofessional and, as far as I’m concerned, childish.

Seriously, that’s something my six year old sister would do.

She made herself look like a complete fool.

She even raised her voice, while I’m calmly talking to her (like adults should do), I couldn’t/ can’t believe a university could hire such a contemptible person.

She then goes on to tell me to leave the class. And of course, I protested, considering the fact that I pay (out of pocket) to be in class, like my counterparts who were in class.

So she looked even more ridiculous. (May any shred of respect I ever held for her Rest In Peace.)

So, I decided I have had enough (she told me she had enough of me? …I let her know that I have already had enough of her and her unprofessional-ism), so I decicded I am taking this situation to the head of the department.

And to make bad matters worst, I went to her office at noon… and of course she wasn’t there.

Shaking my damn head at her, the department, and the university.


10 thoughts on “I’ve Had Enough!

  1. The head of the department might not have been there; but you must keep trying! They need to know about this instructor since it’s not fair to the university or you to let her continue to treat her students in this manner.

    I know you’ve written that she is constantly late..and that shows a lack of respect for her students. I hope this gets resolved..not only for your sake but for her future students!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words!

      I spoke with the chair and he did apologize for everything that has gone wrong. And he wants me to be sure to do an evaluation on her, once the time comes. Unfortunately, he is unable to make her give me the test (although he does want me to talk again with her because he feels I deserve the right to make that up) and he cant talk with her about the course until the end of the semester.

      Ill be sure to post on the progress as it develops.

  2. You handled this situation perfectly, professionally. Many students would have been yelling and probably cursing at a teacher like that, but you kept your head despite her disregard for your legitimate excuses (not even excuses). It’s always important to be respectful in any case, especially with professors, because some will do things to spite you and keep you down if they don’t like you or your attitude (not you specifically).
    Clearly you were raised right. And I do hope you don’t come across any more unprofessional nd irrational professors like her. Nobody deserves that.

    1. Thank you so much, that is so encouraging!

      Thank God for hard work, so we have a final project due Tuesday. However, I always work ahead and finished it about a week ago. I asked her to look over it and, I assume because she was so impressed that it was great work & finished, she let me make up that test.

      Ill be posting about that soon so watch out for that. (:

      1. You’re welcome 🙂
        I like finishing some of my work ahead too you can never go wrong about that 😉
        I’m really glad you got to take that test though.
        I’ll keep my eyes open, I always enjoy reading your stuff.

      2. yay! That makes me so happy. I always tried to keep a diary but its so hard because they run out of pages, or get lost, and sometimes get ruined.

        But a blog is really convenient and its exciting to connect with others, and read what others write.

        I really enjoy this.

      3. I agree! I also lose my journals over the years. And I’ve ruined a few pages from drinks :/ One thing I’ve never done is run out of pages because I start journals but I go on to a new one before I can finish one. I think of it like something is ending if I use up all the pages. For the past year and a half I’ve been using my Kindle Fire to record my dreams and feelings.
        I’m sorry I’m getting back to you so late. Even more sorry that I’ve missed some of the great stuff you’ve written! I’ve been so busy -_- How are you doing?

      4. That’s great!
        I’m just spending time with the family today. My brothers, uncle, cousins, and whoever they’re dating (and married to) came down for the weekend. So no work this weekend for me! lol. We just had a super delicious bbq! I’m going to do some work now though :/ It has to be done! Happy Blogging!

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