Right Now.

*pic coming soon!*

So, my day has been pretty long.

Although my week was pretty short.

My classes were cancelled for multiple reasons; from auditions to guest speakers on campus.

Therefore, this week has basically just started for me today.

And today was great!

My siblings were able to come see me today and I got to take pics of them rock climbing! (See last post.). And I went into work, but due to an over-staff, I was sent home.

Usually, I stay at work because I have nothing better to do. However, I was happy to leave because there is a basketball game on campus and there is also a science fair!

At the fair, we’ll be making our own ice-cream and own soap. So I’ll definitely have pics after the event.

…and so cool, my campus is having a spelling bee!

Right now, I’m hanging out until the events start.


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