He Popped The Question!

Warning: This contains inappropriate material. Haha.

No, seriously… It’s inappropriate, so, if you’re sensitive or easily offended; exit now.

I don’t/won’t care about your complaints, but of course complements are always welcomed.

So, here we go:

I was texting my boyfriend and he popped the question, “does size matter?”

My first thought was, “that’s weird, he has a big penis.” Now, we’ve never had sex, nor have we ever been intimate in any way, besides kissing, but I have seen his package. It’s really quite nice, if I may say so myself. So I thought it was weird he would ask such a thing.

But of course I answered. I honestly answered, and said, “ehh… it depends.” (Yeah, sorry but it’s just not as black and white as saying “yes” or “no.”)

So, he proceeded to ask what does it depend on. And to make it simple, I broke it down.

Here’s the Breakdown:

I prefer to receive oral sex (over anything/everything, that’s my favorite sexual activity.) 

I’ve been with my Stupid Head who has a huge penis. (No, it’s really huge.) So, it was great that he had a really nice size, however, he wasn’t ‘good’ at sex. He suffered from PE (premature ejaculation), which is actually pretty common. (I did research and learn 1 in 4 men suffers from PE.) And to makes things worst, his oral sex wasn’t good either.

…so with him, I didn’t enjoy the activities and despite his great size, I would never engage in anything sexual with him again.

However, en otro lado (on the other hand), I have my Certain Friend. Now, his size is pretty average; not too big… not too small.  He and I always had really great sex. He’s pretty freaky so we did tons of new things (particularly new to me) and always had great experiences. And not to mention, his oral sex was amazing!

…so with him, even though it wasn’t huge, it was still great.

Then there is my (Ex) Best Boo (he was Bestest Boo… but now that I have a boyfriend, it seems a little inappropriate to call him that.) and he has a smaller size. We had a real minor experience (we were intimate once, but I don’t think it was what either of us expected… not saying that in a good or bad way) and the size wasn’t always ideal. In his defense, I don’t think he was fully aroused and it was dependent upon the position. However, his oral sex wasn’t great either. (Haha, this was really funny because he told me, before doing it, that he doesn’t actually do that. And I could tell he was telling the truth, so we laugh at that now.)

…with him, I can’t picture us engaging in anything else, but I’m sure that’s mutual.

Then there is my (I usually refer to my friends as being ‘mine’ however, I don’t care for him as a person -meaning he’s isn’t really a friend, but for simplicity’s sake, I’ll say he’s mine) Chump. He is the ‘best I’ve ever had’ and he has a large size. However, him being the best has more to do with specific positions we tried, the speed/tempo of the experience, and obviously great oral sex. Plus, I honestly think he still would be great, if he were smaller.

…so with him, it was nice that he was large but a smaller him would have worked too.


I say that just to explain, it’s more than size that makes up a great experience  Plus, there is a science to it. Some ladies prefer smaller guys and other ladies, prefer the opposite. It’s really in the placement of the g-spot and what they fancy. However, you can always work around obstacles. I learned so with Cosmo Online. They offer tips, tricks, and positions for every size (and shape! -this site its’t Cosmo, but offers great info.)

But, I am Guilty:

Of measuring guys. I use my hands to decide if I think it’s ‘big enough.’

If I use one hand to grasp it (gently of course, also to be discreet so he doesn’t know what I’m doing) and there is left over (but not enough for my other hand), it’s ‘deemed’ a ‘good size.’ Versus, if I grasp it and my one hand covers his entire piece.

But another tiny tip (and pretty awful of me) is if he uses (and appropriately fits) a Magnum condom (always always always practice safe sex), its ‘big enough.’

…and if there is no other solution you can always incorporate sex toys. I actually have a vibrator, got it for free from here. My Certain Friend & I always use it and even if its not needed, its a fun addition.

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