How Super?

How Super?

The bag is my one of my favorite bags, and actually the coolest bag on my entire campus. No, I don’t say that just because I am the owner.

But… because it’s true! (:

Any who, I’m walking though the tunnels (an underground hallway system connecting all the buildings, on my campus. I actually hate them because I don’t get reception down there; therefore I can’t text/talk/tweet when walking through them. However, they’re good for bad weather, but they take much longer. Smh. And I don’t feel safe down there. ) and I saw a nice young man, Ant (I don’t remember if his name was Anthony or Antonio but it was one of the two.) , and he had the Super Man pin attached to his bag (which was nice, btw). I freaked the freak out!

I fell in love with that little pin and just knew it would be mine.

So… I stopped him. And asked if he mind giving that to me. (Literally, I said, “Excuse me Sir, I see you have a Super Man pin and I have the bag. You should give me your pin.) He was so sweet, he gave it to me. (Obviously, that’s how it is pictured.)

So the moral is, if you want it… go for it!

…let’s remember that is also how I got my boyfriend. Lol.

But seriously, that really made my day. I was happy that he was nice enough to give that to me.


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