He’s Here!

He's Here!

Ironically, my picture doesn’t picture my boyfriend in it because… he is not here.

I know on my other post (He’s Coming) it said he was staying with me this Thursday & Friday, then leaving Saturday morning.

…that plan obviously got changed.

So, here’s how our time together went:

He got here around 1:15 but I had a little house keeping to do. So we talked a little while I did homework and read emails. And eventually, he took a short nap.

By the time he got up, I was tired, so we napped together.

A little time later, we talked so more and I gave him the first surprise. (The matching LDR bracelet.)

…I thought he liked it, (:

So we hung a little more, not doing too much.

Then my family came to meet him (Surprise No. 2) and have dinner, made by me.

I planned to make enchiladas. And we were going to play some games and all have fun.

Sounds fun, right? …wrong! It turns out he doesn’t like enchiladas. (Nor does he like meeting large groups of people, which I didn’t learn until after my family had left.) Soo… those would have been good things to know before planning our “fun day” together.

So I decided to order pizza instead. While waiting for the pizza, he realized he left his prescription. (Understandable, I’m asthmatic and still forget my three inhalers when traveling.) As a result, he would have to leave in the morning (around 11:00, when I left for ballet).

So by this time, I’m a little bummed out but everything was still fine, so why focus on that? We still had plenty of hours to spend together.

(I also had a “fun morning” planned for us.)

And he apologized, so that was fine.

Well a short time later, he said he began feeling a little sick so he decided to go lay down. When the pizza arrived, I let him know it was here and he could get some.

Whelp… he said he would get some later. And he remained in bed. Luckily my family was still here to keep me company. So they stayed a little while later. And he never came back out so we never got to play games and have fun.

Now… I’m a little upset because our entire dinner was ruined. And he wasn’t going to eat, I could have made enchiladas (I was looking forward to those all week).

However, we still had our night ahead of us so it was’t too bad.

My family left around 9:30 PM so I cleaned up a little and went back to my room. He was still in bed, so of course I assumed he still didn’t feel well. Then, I just decided to take my shower alone and look forward to our morning together.

After I got out, I decided I would put on a movie. By this time, he was up and said he felt better. However, my campus’ wifi didn’t want to work soo that was also ruined.

We laid back in bed. …and we talked a little.

Shortly after, he had to make a call to his mom. (He had a family emergency. Obviously understandable because accidents/emergencies happen). So he spent a nice 15 minutes (at least) on the phone with his mom.

afterwards, he climbed back in bed. And we just laid there. A little while later, he sat up on the bed. So I asked if he was okay, and he wasn’t.

So he asked if I would be upset from him leaving a little earlier. And I said no, that’s fine (thinking he meant early in the morning, around 8:00 AMish). And he said, ” ohh, you’re just saying that.” So I let hi know that it was truly fine. (And it was.)

Soo… he asked again, if I’d be upset by him leaving earlier. (Now I’m a little concerned, like why does he keep asking the same question. ) Then… it dawned on me. So I asked how early, and he replied, ” …as soon as possible.” So I asked if he meant tonight (as in last night).

…and he did.

Now, I’m like pissed off because he spent the majority of our time in the bed. He didn’t like his surprise, the dinner was ruined. The day was totally wasted.

So I looked at the time and it was about 10:45ish PM and I told him, if he left it would be fine because he can always come visit another time (which is true.) and because it was early enough that if he left at that moment, it wouldn’t be too late when he got home.

So he just kept asking if it was “okay” for him to go (without disappointing me or letting me down) and I said it was fine. (Still true, because by now I actually want him to leave so I can go to sleep. Besides, the day was already ruined so him leaving wasn’t going to change that or make it worst).

He texted me and said it was nice to see me. I didn’t reply. Later, he texted to ask if I was mad at him. And I told him no.

Now, that may seem weird because it probably sounds like I was/am mad. But really, I’m not mad. But I was/am very disappointed because I was so excited to see him and nothing went well. Again, I feel like that was a waste of time. He’s been planning to come visit the past 3 weekends (or so) and then for him to come and not even spend a whole day with me was just anticlimactic. Besides, I felt bad because I actually wanted him to go (after the night already being completely ruined).

Luckily, I really like him and I’ll just look forward to the next time he comes to visit.

…whenever that is.


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