The Countdown

My boyfriend is coming Thursday!

(of course it seems like an eternity.)

Lets Count Down, ❤

4 More Days, Monday.

We spent all day texting. It was so much fun. And I just found out that he told his mom and friend about us, they think its good. So that’s always exciting. We even did a little late night sexting. Lol it was awkward because I’m the worst at that. I don’t even know how to talk dirty. However, we made it through so that’s a plus. And he talked about how much he misses me, so it was a good day.

3 More Days, Tuesday.

(Typing this at 8:10 AM) I haven’t talked to him this morning but I’m sure he’s sleep. Check back later to see how this day goes.

Today in dance, I announced that I had seven text messages. So a friend said, “I bet its from seven different guys.” Haha. I laughed and said, actually, you’re right. Because she was right However, I went on to explain how it wasn’t a big deal deal that six of them texted me. I was so excited that my boyfriend had texted me “Good Morning” (he actually does this virtually everyday, not to mention he also texts me “Good Night” ones too… he’s the best, I know.) . Then everyone looked confused, I reminded them that I had a new boyfriend.

Everyone was so shocked, but it was weird because I announced this Monday after break (we got together over break.). One girl even went so far as to asked if I was serious. And was he a “boyfriend-boyfriend” and if it was monogamous… or just a “boyfriend.” I didn’t even know the difference so I just stated that we were dating. Exclusively. Lol. She then said she couldn’t imagine me being in a relationship. Boy was this funny. 😀

2 More Days, Wednesday. 

Whew, its so close! I’m getting even more excited. It’s so bad that I can barely focus. (Which is bad because I have juries in dance, auditions in a few weeks, two tests, and a scene in acting!) But yesterday we didn’t really get much of a chance to talk because he had to work.

So this morning he sent my text (<3) and we talked a little bit, we’re still on! (Thank goodness.) And he even said I can shave him! (This is so MAJOR. I’m a compulsive shaver, I even get kicks from shaving others so it’s soo great that he’ll let me do him. He wants me to be careful but I don’t think he realizes I’m definitely a pro at this.) This even makes me like him even more. (:

He also says he’s excited about his surprise (I’ll post what they are after he sees them, because he obviously has access to my blog and I don’t want it to ruin the surprise. It’s actually two surprises.) so that’s great. We’re actually texting now because I am in between classes. Unfortunately, this is our only good time today because I work 6:00-9:00 and he leaves for work around 9:00.

The Night Before, Wednesday. 

So, it’s the night before and I’m ever so excited! I like seriously feel I should be doing a video blog about this. I haven’t talked to him since before I went to work (he was sleeping, of course. And I’m just getting off at 9:00 , so I know he’s probably headed to work. ) and he just texted me! He’s been sending sweet nothings all day. I’m so happy. I can’t wait to sleep and get up tomorrow because I know I’ll see him.

This is obviously incoherent  (because I’m speechless… I’m not talking but ehh…), just send us great vibes.

The Day OF, Thursday.

OMG. He’s coming. He’s really coming! He’ll be here around 12:30, after my dance class and I can’t wait. I actually talked to him a few hours ago. He texted me at 6:30 AM, after he got off work. To say “goodnight.” (:

He’s Here!

Gaahhh. I’m so happy. He’s finally here. And he got here safe, that’s always a plus. He got here at 1:15 PM and we talked a little bit, but he’s sleep now. Haha. Luckily, I did get to give him his surprise. (It was matching LDR bracelets for us both.) And he liked them, plus it was a Valentines’ Day card (I originally made it for him because I thought I would see him in February.).  His other surprise is big and that’s coming later.

And he’s staying Friday! (:

*ps… this post will be updated everyday… until he gets here.


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