Lights Out

Lights Out

Here is a picture of two different lamps that have both given me problems.

The pink lamp came in my “Bed in a Bag.” It was a 14pc set of everything you need for a bedroom. Well I really don’t like the lamp because it’s pink and that’s not one of my colors. However, I obviously kept it because it matched all my other bedroom accessories.

This lamp contains a: “MAX .25W type G” bulb. I went everywhere looking for this bulb and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist  When I googled it, it shows up 25W but it definitely contains a decimal. So that gives me of a reason to believe it doesn’t exist.

So due to this, I have been with a light in my room since Aug. 17, 2012.

This past weekend, I decided to cave in and buy a whole new lamp! (The black one.) It was a regular lamp that required a regular bulb, so I bought those too. I was so excited to bring it home and use it. I literally spent time watching movies with that thing on.

However, when turning the switch I thought it felt weak or weird but I ignored it. And this morning, I went to cut the damn thing on and it wouldn’t turn!

That’s right, the freaking lamp was broke.

So lights put on this ish. I’m returning this Wednesday and if that lamp doesn’t work, I’ll live my life in the dark.


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