Stop. Drop. Roll.

Stop. Drop. Roll.

Stop. Drop. Roll. …sound familiar, right? Its the proper procedure for when you’re on fire.

Well, schools, as well as campuses, are required, by law, to conduct a fire drill. Per whatever. My campus conducts one every semester.

This is great! Its good practice for if a real fire were to ever occur.

But… I officially hate fire drills!

I came back from a long day of classes, very tired.
Therefore, I decided to remove all my clothes and take a nap, as I do everyday.

And *ROOR-ROOR-ROOR (MY ATTEMPT TO WRITE SIRENS, THE SIRENS FROM THE FIRE DRILL)* the freaking fire alarm goes off! Yeesss! The fire alarm went off while I was completely naked!

I freaked the freak out. I didn’t know whether to put on clothes or grab a towel or grab a blanket and get out… but I knew I had to make a decision quick!

So, like an idiot -now that I look back, I grabbed a t-shirt and boxers. That’s right, I was forced out of my apartment in a sweatshirt and boxers for this fire drill. Did I mention it was cold?

Boy was I pissed. It was so terrible. And sad part is, this isn’t the first time I was naked in a fire drill. Smh.

Someone suggested I spend too much time naked. But I love being naked (in my heels, to be specific). Agh. So moral of the story, …idk. Idk how you plan for the unexpected.

This was taken 3/9/2013, after I returned to my room from the fire drill.


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