Earlier I wrote a blog and it was directly for my followers to read.

And …thats when I realized I messed up.

As I stated in my bio (check that out), this blog is for me. It’s for me to improve my writing skills. For me to track my progress. For me to record my life. Its all for me.

However, as I have been writing I gotten a lot of followers, likes, and comments. Which makes me really happy.

But when I started paying more attention to “the viewers” my goal started to shift to “give them what they’ll find interesting” versus “blogging about my life for me.”

So I’d just like this to be a little disclaimer, my blogs are not geared toward nor directed toward a specific group nor person. They’re all for me. However, it’s obviously public and I’d like people to read it simply for fun or if they’re bored… whatever.

I just wanted that to be known. But just like in everyday life, you do something and people react. So if you’d like to post comments, like, or follow me, please go ahead. Ill be sure to follow you too. (:

Ps… I hope thats clear, without any seemingly contradicting statements.

P-ps… also disclaimer on my pics. I usually try to use something I own; whether its my drawing or a pic from my cpu. But I do not always have the right pics for the topic, therefore, I do use pics from other sources.

And when I say “*pic coming soon*” it just means I haven’t quite decided on what to capture.

Thanks, The C.L. Bray.


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