You Get an F

You Get an F

…if you couldn’t tell, this is an angry emoji. Drawn by me! (:

It’s actually the face I make when I wake up Tuesday/Thursday and realize I have Costume History class.

Wait… Costume History sounds fun. Right? A class about clothing, fashion, fabric, accessories? AND how it relates to theater (my major)! Oh hell yeah! Boy was I excited!

…unfortunately, no. It’s nothing like that at all. SmDh. (PISSED).

My prof. decided to teach this class in the most boring way. Through vague terms, crappy pics, and hand made drawings. Like, wtf? Are you kidding me?

First off, you are NOT an artist so wtf are you passing out sh*t you drew? Second, we have all this technology and you’re going to attempt to teach a class without it? Why?

Let me break it down, y’all…

Instead of using technology and physical elements to teach this course, the prof. is using crappy non-electronic elements for the course.

She figured she would pass out a terms packet, about 30 terms per packet. Each term has an entire paragraph. (And yes, she expects us to memorize those for the exam).

Next, we learn more information about the era. Tons of stuff; from geographical location to political facts to “fun facts” …aka, UNNECESSARY BS. Stuff that isn’t even relevant to what they wore.

…btw, she didn’t know how to use a computer. So her way of transferring her information to our notes was through reading. Yes. Reading from her notes and expecting us to write this information down. I’m thinking, “This isn’t f*cking circle time in kindergarten! Don’t f*cking read to me!”

So when all the class complained, she then posted everything in the big, sloppy, unorganized word document. Like, we’re basically in the same predicament.

Next, she has slides for us to look at. I admit, when she mentioned slides, I felt a little better, thinking they would be really cool to look at.

…and survey says, WRONG! Tell me why this simple prof. uses a slide machine. (Yeah, this machine is so old I honestly don’t know the proper term. But I know its old because they used it in schools during the time of the Atomic Bomb. I know this because I’ve seen it on documentaries from history classes.) I personally prefer Prezi but everyone isn’t hipped to that so I figured she would at least use powerpoint, but nope. Shes not even using a computer. She’s using that thing.

With this machine the pics are tiny-winy and super faded, like someone put them in the washing machine. You can’t even see what she’s showing. But you have to find a way to make it through because that’s on the test too.

Whelp, yoou’d think the test would be a little challenging. But actually, it’s not. It’s extremely f*cking difficult! There are 5 eras per test. So that means (around 15 terms per era, times 5 eras) = 75 paragraph long terms. Plus 5 paragraphs ( 1 paragraph of extra information about each era). In addition to 15 (hand drawing) identification of garments section.

…you’d think she’d actually care about us learning and passing, so she would break it up for 1 test per era versus smashing all this stupid sh*t together in one dumb test.

But I’ve given up on her. She’s too stupid.

Wait… did I mention she’s late to class every single day? No, I didn’t. But yes, shes late EVERY SINGLE DAY. And she’s not coming from another class, because she has a different excuse everyday as to why she is late. Like how disrespectful? You’re wasting my money (I pay for college out of pocket, so this is REAL money. Not financial aid/scholarships/grants but money.) because I’m not learning. And then you’re going to add insult to injury by wasting my time when I show up early and you’re late. Plus, she’s never prepared so that takes up more time. Our class usually starts at 9:30 but I pay for 9:00.

…this stupid lady gets an F. So I can’t wait to rip on her for the evaluations at the end of the semester.


2 thoughts on “You Get an F

    1. Exactly! And the worst part is, I honestly don’t feel she’s THAT old. She should definitely know how to use a computer. Or not be a prof. But she complains about everything too and always share irrelevant antidotes about her life.
      …and I didn’t mention this in the blog, but there was a time she straight didn’t show up to class, nor did she send an email. And she switched our class half way through this semester and got lost on the way to the new class. You’d think she had enough sense to find the class before we meet. Smh .

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