Tips to Success in College

So, here is a screen shot of my grades for Fall 2012.

I ended with a 3.8 GPA and overall GPA of 3.3, out of 4.0.
…ehh, I’m doing pretty well if I say so myself. (:

Well, I feel success comes easy to me. But that doesn’t mean that everyone cant have it.

For success, the most important qualities are:

1. PrioritiesCollege parties are great. But don’t hit that party if that homework isn’t done.

…ex, I schedule early classes so I finish early and complete homework early. This way, when there are fun events in the evening, I can go without being worried about class or homework.

2. Determination, tell yourself that you will do well and take the necessary steps to ensure that happens. Leave no room for excuses, downfalls, or giving up.

…ex, I study hard and expect nothing less than an A, on every quiz/test/homework/etc.

3. Incentives, always set goals. Not only for school, but also to improves yourself as a person, etc. And once you reach a goal, set another and celebrate by treating yourself.

…ex, if I achieve a goal, I treat myself to Chipotle.

Reality of College:

And being in college is actually not hard, I personally found high school much more difficult (however, I did attend a college prep school.).

It’s all about sacrifices. 

College students engage most of their time toward: Sleep, Studying for & Attending class, and Parties. 

But… you CAN’T have it all.

You can only have 2/3 and be successful. 

I choose to have (1) Studying/Class and (2) Parties. This means I do everything required for class/study and spend nights partying. There has been times I have had 4 classes, did the homework, and finished just in time to party that night. Also to attend after parties. Making it where I didn’t get back to my dorm until 6:30AM to  shower and attend class for a test at 8:00AM, then still pass that test. 

No, I’m not a Super Student. I have just made sacrifices. 

And fyi, being at a college prep school didn’t necessarily add to my success. It just prepared me, I still had to learn things myself. And I had tons of family support, however, I wa the first persona in my family to graduate from high school. Also the first to go to college. (Not in a negative way) but I did this alone.

With my own determination. 

And I use my younger siblings as motivation, because if they see me do it… they’ll know, they can too. And even do better than I am doing. (Pretty hard b/c I have set the standards so high But I definitely believe in them, so they can believe in themselves.) 

Bonus Tip:

Get ahead and STAY ahead, of everyone. Even yourself.

I do my homework, weeks in advance. So far in advanced, that sometimes I get to class and feel unprepared b/c I forgot that I did that assignment last week. 


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