The Perfect Ending

The Perfect Ending


Last night was the perfect ending to my Spring Break.

My girl Best Friend, JuJu, celebrated her birthday at a club downtown. Her party was 7-9 PM, and then the club was to open for the regular hours afterwards.

Well, only a few people came out b/c it was so early and her music was bad (Ri Navy, lol), but we had tons of fun. 😀

Whelp, a few hours passed and the club starts heating up.

Great music. Great people. And of course, great fun!

Now there weren’t too many hot guys, which was totally fine, (Happily Taken, remember?) but it was still fun to dance with my friends.

I’m “That Girl” dancing all night, with no rhythm. Haha. I just like to have fun, regardless of what other people are doing.

Needless to say, I was shaking so much butt (check the pic) that the DJ asked me to dance on stage and do the splits for him. I was going to, but when they played my theme song (Booty Hopscotch, KStylis), I was leaving.

But we had too much fun, it was the perfect ending to my break! (:

Glad I spent it with them. And today a friend is having a baby shower and tomorrow my family is coming to have dinner at my place. Hopefully my boyfriend can make it too*. (But idk, his brothers bday is today)

*everyone is so excited to meet him, (:

After the club, we went to Stake & Shake (totally gross) and stayed the night at my friends dorm. I’m literally just getting home.

But it was well worth it.

Ps… apologies for the pic being a screen shot. Its the only way I know how to get pics from my cell to the site.


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