Thanks PawPaw

Thanks PawPaw

I have the best PawPaw (obviously my grandpa) in the world!

He always goes out of his way to help* me. And he’s always supportive and encouraging. And he always buys me little cool things that he find while he’s out and about.

*he taught me to drive, when my mom gave up. And I would have my license but my mom did a poor job teaching me maneuverability. Luckily, I showed him the test and he offered to teach me that too. So we’re still working towards that.

In Feb. 2013, he bought me a little speaker cube. Its this tiny speaker with giant sound. I use it everyday b/c it connects to my cpu and my cell phone.

But yesterday, I asked him to buy me a blow dryer and he said he’ll think about it. I didn’t think he would b/c it was just a suggestion.

However, he came over today and look what he brought me!

(Pink Revlon BlowDryer.)

This is extra cool b/c I have a sexy blue titanium Revlon flatiron. And a portion of the proceeds from this pink blow dryer will go to breast cancer research.


2 thoughts on “Thanks PawPaw

  1. Aren’t grandparents great? And on the other side of the spectrum, grandkids are super too. And, it so refreshing to hear a young person talk well of an adult! Great post and give you G-pa a thumbs up for me!

    1. Yes, theyre the best! And I guess were cool too. I always try to make my family proud so I’m sure he appreciates that. And thanks so much, I’m glad you like it! (: ps… haha, I will definitely give him a thumbs up.

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