I Hate SMC Music

I Hate SMC Music

I have another blog (BlogsByRisseShea.tumblr.com, please visit. I blog about current events and my views/opinions on the topic.) And tumblr doesn’t offer music, b/c they feel music on your blog is tacky.

So basically, they warn you against it.

Well, me, being the rebel I am, decided to add music anyways. I got my music player from SMC Player (pic of the site).

My playlist was hot too! It featured ‘I’m Yours’ by J. Mraz, ‘Poetic Justice’ by Kendrick Lamaar, ‘Anything Could Happen’ by Elie Goulding, and ‘Drank in my Cup’ by Kirko Bangz. (Youtube those songs ASAP.)

Any who, today I visted my blog and their site kept popping up. Initially, I thought it was a mistake so I went to my URL again. But. Their site came up again. It turns out, this is very common. They take over your blog, like a virus takes over your computer.

I was livid. How dare them have the audacity to take over the blog I work so hard for? I was almost in tears, smh.

Luckily, I’m great at researching things I want answers for, and I learned how to remove their mess from my blog.

But my advice is to stay away from their music players. (:


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