Relationships & Me, (The Background)

I am single, and I have been single since Sept. 2011.

Since then, I have liked a few guys.

                                                  “College Crushes

This groups is a group of friends I have liked since I’ve been in college. (All names have been changed to protect their identities, lol. Jp. But I never do name soo… here are the nicks.)

“My (ex) Husband,” my 1st ever college crush. He was mentioned in a previous blog. I likedhim b/c he has a special talent. (A bit inappropriate  and usually I don’t clean up my thoughts for anyone/anything, however, I am still debating what rating this blog will be. ) Any who, I didn’t really care for him as a person until recently (Summer 2012). That summer we spent a lot of time together and the thought of being with him seemed “nice.” However, we talked for a bit and it never went anywhere so I feel were better off the way we are. For a while, I’d like him on-and-off, but now, I have no hopes of ever beginning a relationship with him. We’re still friends but this is all we’ll ever be.

“Sexy _____,” now he is one of the sexiest guys ever! I met him in the lobby of my dorm, as a freshman. We have a mutual friend and we were all supposed to play cards but that never happened. But we still became friends, so I guess you could say “he’s just irresistible.” (Insider.) We’ve never talked but we have spent a little time together. He seems like he’s too worried about what other people think and after I realized that, I just couldn’t picture myself with him.

“A Certain Someone,” ugh. He is so intelligent! I never thought of him as attractive until I realized how smart he was. So I fell for him b/c he was smart. Since then, we have became pretty good friends. He’s a bit of an asshole (apparently) but he’s helped me with tons of school work. Plus I like him because we have great conversations and nice steamy days. (Again, inappropriate.) We try tons of new things together and we have a mutual understanding of our friendship, which is always great.

 *Check out “Relationships & Me, Pt. I” to read about the my “Potentials.” 


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