Relationships & Me, Pt. I

Relationships & Me, Pt. I


These are guys that I really liked, perhaps for an extended period of time. This is the BIG Leagues b/c I actually consider(ed) dating them and having an exclusive relationship with them.

“Bestest Boo,” you guys may recall him b/c he was my “Pleasant Surprise.” He’s the sweetest, nicest, funnest guy ever! I like so many things about him. He always makes me happy and makes me smile. (: Unfortunately, he lives in another city so the distance is keeping us apart. ):

…however, he said he was transferring back to my university next year, which I hope is true. If so, I think we’ll definitely be able to start something.

And live happily ever after! Nope. Not really, see. I have a minor issue.

I also have my “Future Husband.” …who was also mentioned in a previous blog.

I like him soo much. I really want to be with him too, but again, his distance prevents this from happening. He lives in another city and I don’t see how that would work for us. But lately, we have spent a lot of time texting and I’ve grown to like him even more. And with our schedules (I have class all day and work at night. He works all night, and when I’m waking up, he’s going to bed.)  its pretty fun to send late night texts. But also fun to wake up to his “Good Morning” text and to send him “Good Night” texts during the day. Our friendship is really cool and I would love to spend time with him, but it just isn’t possible. We’ve actually ever hung out twice. ): The 1st time we played video games and the 2nd time him & his brother came for a chat at my dorm.

In a few weeks, he’s supposed to come and hang out… on another level. (In the past, we hung out as friends. But now that we have both verbally expressed a liking for one another, I think it’ll be a more intimate thing. Not at all sex or sex related, but more than friends. Ya know?) I’m totally excited to see him and hang out with him.

So I write this to say I have never considered a “LDR” (long distance relationship) with anyone… until now. For some reason, I think that we could make it work despite our distance (Particularly,  my FH. Not saying my BB & I couldn’t .) However, I don’t like the thought of giving either one of them up. I wish one of them didn’t like me, that way I could be with the other and leave it at that.

Luckily, they’re both far and I don’t have to make any decisions any time soon. And they’re both really cool so I think they’d both understand. It’s just upsetting when you can’t be with the person you really like.



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